Adoption Match Meeting Making it Successful

It happened! You have got the video call you happen to be expecting! A birth family has chosen your profile when the one may be pursue. Now, the next thing is here, the match meeting. It’s the perfect time to do what is some of the final step in the match process. Relaxing using the birth family, the adopting family so the social worker and determining if this is an excellent match for you involved.Read for more adoption match

Recently Michael and I got this call. At the initial elation of realizing we’re now closer than we got have you ever been to becoming parents, I was hit with anxiety at a level that we had never felt before. This was the most significant day in our lives together, such a large amount of questions formed in our minds….a lot of was at stake. Lucky for Michael and I, we have many dear friends that are going through the process and had recently stood a successful match meeting. We gathered our questions, interviewed our friends, and prayed a lot. This is what we found:

• Be yourself. “Ha!” Easier in theory. But so necessary. Whatever youcan do to relax, do. This meeting has to be genuine. You want the birth family to see you as you truly are and you are going to bring out answers and reactions within them that represents who they really are so that an accurate match can take place.

• If yourrrre still nervous when you get there, don’t beat yourself up! My friend vomited in the parking garage right before her meeting, and I turned into a woman that could not speak at mine…but I can only imagine what can have happened if I hadn’t allowed myself to relax in the days leading up to the meeting.visit for more adoption match

• Come prepared with questions that are important to you, but realize the case may not help you ask all of them. Prioritize them to make sure you get the most important ones asked. Also, read the situation carefully to know which questions are okay to ask, and those that may be too personal or inappropriate when it reaches this place in this process.

• After talking to my friends, all night through this example ourselves, We’ve realized, every birth family and match meeting is different. Some will be very emotional and intense, and others will just stay at the surface. The best thing I have learned to do, is respect the birth family’s space, but in order to do that as well as get the most from the meeting, you have to put your neck out there and get aware of the reaction. Ask a question, read how they answer it (verbally and non-verbally) and let that draw you on how you move forward.

• Wear what suits you best. I so badly wanted to come across looking like amix between “chic” and “mommyish”. But “chic” is not necessarily what I am most comfortable in. So, I changed my approach. I thought of what outfit makes me feel most like me, and I went with it. It’s most important to feel like you. My husband even did a few things to make sure he was looking like he felt. It was pretty cute.visit for more adoption match

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